From the first visit you can expect a warm welcome, friendly service and personalized professional care. We’re dedicated to providing you with quality health care along with education to help you obtain and maintain optimal health and well-being. Care for your health involves getting to know you and your needs accompanied by individualized care.

Your first visit will consist of a case history and examination and if necessary radiographs of the problem area. Your second visit will consist of a report of findings prepared by the doctor about your particular case. After the problem has been explained, a plan of care will be outlined and started. You will receive your first chiropractic adjustment along with whatever modalities you require to help relieve your pain. Your repeat visits will be administered on a decreasing frequency as you improve. In cases that more than 10 visits are required, you will receive a progress evaluation approximately every 4 weeks. This helps us chart your progress and document your care which is necessary if you are relying on insurance to pay your bill. During the course of care, most patients with acute back pain will begin receiving electrical muscle stimulation along with moist heat or even ice therapy in the beginning. As muscles spasms and symptoms subside they will begin receiving intersegmental traction treatments and will eventually move to spinal rehab and continue receiving their chiropractic adjustments. Once care has been completed, the patient is released and given the option to return on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis for preventative maintenance care.