We try and treat each patient at our clinic like we would want to be treated if we were patients. Each case is handled on an individual basis with a care plan and personalized treatment for that patient’s particular problem.

Dr. Cotney has told many patients that it is far better to treat the cause of your back pain rather than simply cover it up with pain pills and muscle relaxers. There are those severe cases that require both medical and chiropractic treatment concurrently, but it is unwise to only take medication for your back pain and not see the chiropractor for the mechanical aspect. Because chiropractic addresses the cause of the problem and not simply mask the symptoms with medication you may see it takes a little longer for total resolution but usually that resolution has a lasting effect.

Most care plans can be divided into 3 phases, 1-reduction of pain, 2-rehabilitation and core strengthening and 3-prevention. Whether your problem is from an automobile accident or from chopping wood, everybody’s initial goal is to get out pain. That may take a few visits or it may take a few weeks depending on the severity of the problem. Once that has been achieved, the next step is rehabilitation which requires core strengthening that can be performed in office and at home or a combination. Once the patient has returned to normal function and pain has subsided, the issue of whether or not it will return is the next big question. Obviously, with osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and some severe lumbar disc bulges recurring symptoms are always a part of the problem. We found that for some of these cases returning monthly for preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to keep symptoms from returning. That is an optional part of treatment that some people choose not to partake in and they are certainly welcome to return when they have a flare up.

Catching that “tweak” in your neck or back during the early stages when pain is tolerable may minimize the risk of reoccurrences or exacerbations of your original condition.

Our office treats a wide demographic of patients, whether you are grade school or high school athlete, a middle ager that runs 20 miles a week, or a retiree that has strained their back lifting a flower pot, we stand ready to help you and your musculoskeletal problem.